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HOA Asset Management

Padovan Consulting provides civil engineering expertise for Home Owner Associations to assist in maintaining their civil infrastructure and providing inspection services. Padovan Consulting provides these services for many of the premier association in the Reno area including the Somersett Owner’s Association, Caughlin Ranch Homeowner’s Association, Arrowcreek Homeowner’s Association, Woodland Village Homeowner’s Association and many others.

Many Home Owner Associations own and maintain very expensive private roadways, common area and storm drainage infrastructure. These items can be very expensive to maintain and the proper maintenance often requires specific technical knowledge. Municipalities rely on public works departments staffed with civil engineers to maintain the same types of infrastructure. We provides cost effective recommendations that maximize the life of the infrastructure and saves the HOA money. We also have experience in relating our infrastructure maintenance items to reserve study specialists to ensure the correct costs and assumptions are incorporated into the reserve study. This is a critical item to ensure that the due structure is at the proper level to avoid having either too much or too little to maintain the HOAs infrastructure. We commonly review reserve studies and work with the reserve specialist on roadway and other civil infrastructure maintenance items.

Padovan Consulting also provides inspection of infrastructure before HOAs accept from the developer. Having designed, constructed and dedicated numerous subdivisions to HOAs on behalf of the developers makes us the ideal company to understand and evaluate the items to be turned over. We can protect the HOAs interest making sure they are getting the properly constructed items in good condition. Through years of experience we know what to look for and what to ask for in order to ensure a fair turnover of these expensive infrastructure assets.