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Caughlin Ranch Homeowners Association Reno, NV

 Performed asphalt roadway evaluations for multiple villages and asphalt path evaluation. From this evaluation we provided the HOA a report with recommended short and long term maintenance to maximize the life of the road and path with projected costs for each maintenance item. At the same time we worked with the reserve study specialist so this data could be incorporated into their reserve study update.

Somersett Owner Association Reno, NV

Padovan Consulting performs a variety of ongoing services for the Somersett Owner’s Association. These services include evaluating the roadway for maintenance repairs, collecting bids for roadway and common area repairs, construction management during maintenance repairs, performing turnover inspections before acceptance from a builder/developer and working with legal counsel for construction defect claims. In addition, we provide custom home inspections and sit on the guideline committee for approving all custom homes, landscaping and other projects.

Arrowcreek Homeowners Association Reno, NV

Padovan Consulting provides ongoing construction and special inspections for the Arrowcreek Homeowners Association and provides final architectural inspection of custom homes and other small projects.